Exercise and Sports Medicine and Acupuncture Medicine

Dr Henare Broughton
Dr Henare Broughton Dip PHI (NZ), MBChB, Post Grad Dip Mus Med (Otago), Dip Sports Med (Lond)
Speciality: General Practitioner with interest in Exercise Sports, Health and Acupuncture.

Dr Henare is a graduate of University of Otago, New Zealand with post graduate training in musculo-skeletal medicine and general practice.

He trained in sports medicine at the royal London Hospital Medical College, London, Diving Medicine at the Royal New Zealand Naval Base, Devenport and General Practice training in New Lynn, Auckland for over eight years.

In general practice, he focuses on injury and ill health prevention and health & wellness promotion. His sports interests are in rugby union, rugby league, outrigger canoeing, tennis, cricket and golf.

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Woolloongabba clinic is committed to deliver latest therapeutic exercise, medicine, and acupuncture to the patients with sports injury. Our Woolloongabba clinic has Woolloongabba number of doctors, massage therapists, and Woolloongabba number of acupuncturists. Moreover, our clinic also has Woolloongabba numbers of personal trainers and nutritionists. Our clinic visions our nation with its people with highest level of overall physical fitness so that the issues of the burden of health care could be diminished from our society. In order to meet its goals our doctors practice latest techniques and therapeutic measures to treat sports injury. The primary focus with a patient with sport injury is promoting the overall musculoskeletal health.For this our therapists use techniques such as electrotherapy, hot and cold therapy (cryotherapy), kineseology and traditional taping, pilates and core controlled exercises, and accupunture. These therapies are prescribed by our healthcare professionals depending upon the medical conditions of our patients. Following is the detailed description of each of the therapy that is conducted in our clinic.


A world where highest level of overall physical fitness is attained.


To make each and everyone physically fit.


Deliver latest therapeutic exercise, medicine, and acupuncture to the patients to make their lifestyle healthy and fit.

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This therapy uses electrical pulse to mainly treat soft tissue injuries and pain. In addition electrotherapy is seen to be useful in the improvement of blood circulation, increasing muscular strength, promoting bone growth, improving the overall physical functioning. In our clinic we use mainly three modes of electrotherapy such as electroporeal shockwave therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)and interferential current (IFC). In electroporeal shockwave therapy is used for the treatment of tendon injuries (achilles tendinopathy and tennis elbow, and plantar fasciitis).Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is used to relief pain in soft tissues injuries such as arthritis, low back pain, nerve related pain (phantom pain).Interferential therapy uses two high frequency currents, which are sent together through the skin at the same time. This produces low frequency stimulation deep under the skin. This application is used to treat pain relief, muscle stimulation, enhancing local blood flow, and reduction of oedema.

Hot and cold therapy (Cryotherapy)

In this procedure hot and cold compression is applieddepending upon the medical requirement. Medical conditions such as ligament sprains cryokinetics is generally advised where the cold compression is given followed by specific exercises. On the other hand the heat treatment is prescribed during sports related mucoloskelatal injuries. These injuries are attributed by continuing for long time due to overuse of the muscle. Heat treatment is prescribed to reduce pain, muscle stiffness, muscle spasm, and increasing the blood flow of the affected area. During the heat treatment proper rest is prescribed.

Kineseology and traditional taping

The basic principle of kinesiology is based on the treating an injury with specific exercises. Our clinic has trained kinesologists who rehabilitate a patient by understanding the biomechanics, physiology, and the psychology of the patient. We also use traditional taping for weak and injured joints to support the affected area. In this procedure we often use anchors on the either side where the ligament attaches and the the affected ligament is taped to minimize movement. Tapping is generally prescribed during shin splints, ankle sprains, knee joint injuries, and shoulder and elbow problems.

Pilates and core controlled exercises

Pilates is based on the principle of strengthening the core muscle. A strong center or core area is responsible for supporting the spine and protecting the internal organs. Our Pilates instructors rehabilitate their patients by teaching them fluid movements of the body and by making them understand the range or limit of their body movements. We rely on the eight principles of pilates such as relaxation, concentration, ailment, breathing, centring, co-ordination, flowing movents, and stamina. This practice of pilates helped many patients and sports person to avoid injuries due to sudden jolt and over-extended movement of the body. Our instructors also teach the patients how to focus on the exact movement of the particular muscle groups while stabilizing other parts of the body in isolation. We have different segments of pilates prescribed to a specific patient depending on the ability to perform. For this we have beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced pilates exercise sessions. We also have different tools such as pilates balls and elastic bands to aid our patients during their sessions.


Our clinic use acupuncture, which is a traditional Chinese medicine to treat muscle injuries. Acupuncture has a very successful record in sport injuries. Acupuncture effectively treats sports injuries such as strains, sprains, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle pain, swollen muscles and shin splints.In our clinic the therapists use extremely fine sterile needles. Then these needle are inserted through the skin of the patient aiming at the exact point of injury or the area where natural energy has stagnated. This result in increased blood flow through the affected area, which inturn result in release of stress or muscle tension. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced and therefore after each sessions of acupuncture our patients become relaxed and relieved. Generally during the sessions patients do not feel needles pricking or pain because the needles are extremely small and fine. Occasionally our therapists use heat and light electrical impulses to aid the treatment of acupuncture.

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